La Niña is a complex weather pattern that occurs every few years, as a result of variations in ocean temperatures in the equatorial band of the Pacific Ocean. The phenomenon occurs as strong winds blow warm water at the ocean’s surface away from South America, across the Pacific Ocean towards Indonesia. As this warm water moves west, cold water from the deep sea rises to the surface near South America; it is considered to be the cold phase of the broader El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) weather phenomenon, as well as the opposite of El Niño weather pattern. The movement of so much heat across a quarter of the planet, and particularly in the form of temperature at the ocean surface, can have a significant effect on weather across the entire planet. [Wikipedia]

It’s Sunday and I’ve had a very introspective day. I have started writing down my entire life story, but mostly the bad bits. I want to connect all of the bad pieces of me on paper, so that I have a record of it forever, even when I’m old and it fades into one concise snapshot.

A lot of my headspace is being used to hold on to these old memories. I haven’t managed to remove them from the active part of my head because I haven’t written them down yet. They can go to bed once they’re on paper…

I can tell it’s a nice day when the whole room goes from what it was before to much brighter than that. A cloud moved away somewhere above us and the sun shines down and pours through the flat.

I look over Taylors shoulder and out the door. The garden is bright and the leaves are rustling in a gentle way. Before long I begin to write, deciding that I must have something to say about this moment.

This moment is so special!

There is so much potential in this new place. Being here allows me to do all sorts…

O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave?

Living in a different country can feel really soothing. In a different country, you have a lot more patience and understanding for the people around you. After all, whatever they are doing is probably a cultural thing if it feels unfamiliar and foreign. And on top of that, they aren’t your people. They’re foreign. So, you glide through life, complacent about the bad things that are happening around you and intrigued by everything else.

After spending a month or two outside of your own country, it becomes abundantly clear that you have just gained access to one of the most…

My first album cover

TLDR: Please make music and then share it with me.

A year ago, I was writing my very first music. Before then, I’d never really tried to write a song. I always thought making music would be impossible.

Maybe like most people, I always saw a song as a whole and perfect package — a perfect representation of a moment, a completely original thought or idea. …

I had some neighbors growing up. I remember meeting lots of them during the first days that we’d moved to my childhood home when I was eight years old — standing around with them at the edge of our yard while they explained how to pronounce their surname and passed my parents welcome bags of homemade trail mix.

After that, we saw pieces of each other nearly every single day. They knew me when I was walking to the bus stop in a plaid dress and knee high socks. …

This code is for firmware 2.8 or later only

I have been tickled by the C by GE Factory Reset video that General Electric made ever since I cried laughing watching it sometime about a year ago. I was sitting at my desk at work and, as I watched, a colleague passed me and melted into my laughter.

Isn’t this absolutely hilarious?

We agreed — it was. If you haven’t watched it, take some time to watch it now and you will see that it's a wonderful showcasing of bad user experience. In the video, it asks the customer to turn their light bulb on for eight seconds and…

The women’s hall

I took a shuttle bus to Dhamma Sobhana, the Nordic Vipassana meditation centre. I was twenty minutes late for the shuttle and the last one on and was surprised to find a cabin full of twenty and thirty-something Nordic men and women on board. I sat next to a boy with hair so deeply red, I was sure when I met him that he had dyed it. After the retreat was over, though, we spoke and his nature made me think that I had been mistaken.

I thought that the bus would be full of granola types engaging in intense…

The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch

I passed by a pub called The Hunter S. on my way to a friends house, carrying my guitar and a suitcase full of underwear. I was in between flats and needed a place to put the last of my things while I went away from London to live rent free for a couple of weeks in Malta and in Washington D.C.

The Hunter S.

That pub was made for me, I thought. From the outside, it looked exactly like a pub in East London would: hanging plants, dark walls, outdoor seating full of people smoking and eating. But, the…

Photo by Rick Mason on Unsplash

Computers are hard. Literally, they are hard and figuratively they are, too. We spend a lot of time confused about how technology works.

Why does Netflix keep disconnecting from the internet? How do I zip a file? Why does my password need numbers, letters and special characters? What does Confirm Form Resubmission mean?

This is partly why software engineers are one of the most well paid working professionals of this century. They can create and manipulate technology, which is exclusively used to make the modern world, where every single shop, for sale sign and birthday party invitation exist.

To everyone…

Ad for the 1934 Peugeot 401, from wheelsage

I spend my days inside of a computer.

I sit inside of a computer, putting text into files and moving those files into the cloud, alternating between Eminem and The Dixie Chicks and occasionally opening Google Maps and dropping myself somewhere in Idaho¹.

When I need to ask the person next to me a question, I send them a message on Slack:


Are you free? 🤸‍♀ 🎈 🌈

I get so absorbed into my computer that when I leave my desk to go to the bathroom or get lunch or make a cup of tea, I’ve forgotten where I…

Alex Polise

Writer, t-shirt designer, software engineer. Child. Canoe.

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